Adam Brooke, vice president, senior benefits consultant, UK and Ireland,
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

For the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, winning an Employee Benefits award bought confirmation that the employer is providing a benefit that stands out from the crowd. Adam Brooke, vice president, senior benefits consultant, UK and Ireland, says: “For us, it is all about the recognition from peers; it’s brilliant to be able to offer these kinds of benefit schemes and programmes internally, and to get that recognition that actually [we’re] doing something that is either market leading or is just different, or something new, it’s fantastic.”

Brooke explains that entering and attending the awards brings opportunities to both showcase his organisation’s initiatives, and also learn from peers. “It is good to see what others are doing in various sectors. It’s very difficult now to either get feedback from competitors or across sectors generally on initiatives that are ongoing, so these awards are a brilliant opportunity to just pause for a second and see, are we on the right tracks? What are we doing that maybe stands out from others? Are there things that we can learn as well?” says Brooke.

The award win also lends itself to internal promotion of benefits to employees, says Brooke. “It’s lovely to be able to say to employees, ‘you’re working for an employer that has just been recognised as having the best benefits to support work-life balance in the UK’. Then we’ve had employees give us feedback on their experiences, so we’ve been able to use that in communications.”

This win follows the recognition the bank received in 2018 when it won the Best Benefits to Support Working Carers award. “We give a lot of attention and focus to employee wellbeing and the importance of employees looking after themselves, and wherever we can, we support that,” says Brooke.


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