Top Tips On How To Write A Winning Entry

Your submission should not exceed 1000 words. It’s important to ensure your entry is explained concisely, your objectives are outlined succinctly and you avoid jargon. Make sure you read the instructions before uploading and submission.

Structure your entry: say what the issue was, how your initiative intended to solve it, and what the outcome was. Winning entries in the past have shown that telling a story can capture the judges’ attention – for example how initiatives have had a positive impact on employee engagement.

How did your initiative relate to the needs of the wider business?

If you’re talking about benefits communications, for example, can you make a tangible link to the business or is it just a vague idea?

If you’re entering multiple categories, don’t be tempted to repeat the same entry for each one – tailor it to the questions being asked of each.

Provide solid evidence against the criteria for each category.

To give your entry the best possible chance, include some statistics about your initiative's  impact such as a percentage increase in employee engagement, or how much of a positive impact your approach has had on the mental wellbeing of staff.

Show how your evidence links clearly to your initiative.

Stick to the rules when it comes to the qualifying period for your work.

Entry to the 2021 Employee Benefits Awards Awards is open to HR departments within any company or individuals producing work in the period from 7 February 2020 to 24 May 2021.

If you need to supply physical materials to support your entry, remember to build in time for postage and ensuring they have arrived safely.

Make sure your entry has been carefully read by at least one other person who was not directly involved in compiling it before you send it in.

Spelling mistakes and typos can ruin an otherwise sound entry, and it’s also helpful to get a sense-check on what you’ve written.

Think - Is it easy to understand for someone who is not part of your own team?

Give yourself plenty of time to present a solid entry, particularly when it comes to compiling your visual materials and evidence.

The awards deadline is Monday 24 May 2021, give yourself enough time to build an award-winning story that will captivate our judges.

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